Monday, October 20, 2014


Early in October this year I got a call from the Count, bringing the wonderful news that he would be attending this year’s Halloween festivities at the Abbey. The news was wonderful because we haven’t seen the Count in many decades. He has been busy, spending most of his time in the southern United States. Apparently there has been some kind of trouble down there involving vampires and fairies and such. But that seems to be over now and he is looking forward to a relaxing Halloween with us and the residents of Pumpkin Hallow.
                There is one slight problem with this happy little scenario however; he is bringing two friends with him. I use the term friend generously because these two are not very friendly at all. They are two demons that he picked up when he was visiting down in Transylvania. When he got them they were just little imps. He brought them to the Abbey that first Halloween after he got them, which was also the last time he came to the Abbey. There was an awful trouble that night. It seems they just didn’t understand that the purpose of the evening was to give out candy to the little trick-or-treaters. They kept chasing the little tikes and trying to steal their candy. Why it was just frightful. I do hope they have learned to behave themselves over the years, but somehow I doubt it.

                Well I guess we will see how it goes Halloween night. I am going to try to keep them locked up in the portico on the front of the Abbey, but it won’t surprise me if they escape and start prowling around the cemetery. Just the same, I do hope you will join us again this year, just keep a tight grip on your candy…

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