Monday, October 6, 2014

Hello once again ghouls and boils...

We have been doing so much work here at the Abbey to get ready for this year none of us have had a spare minute to jump online and give you all an update. So tonight I knew I simply had to take the time. We have done some changes to the front of the Abbey and we are all just thrilled about it! Grimm took some pictures of all the excitement for you (and a little sneak peak of what we have for you this Halloween night! Just click HERE to take a look)! Of course we have been battling those ghosts like you wouldn’t believe, which of course is making things so much more difficult. They just won’t leave us alone.  And when we confront them about it they make up some crazy story. But we know they are lying, why we can see right through them!!! And they are always moving things around, making noise, and knocking things over. When we scold them they just claim it was a BOO BOO! Well, I should go, tomorrow is the full moon which means its cauldron lighting night! And of course that means it’s time to start on all those spells…I will send someone by later this week to let you know how it’s going.

Until then stay spooky,


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