Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Things are stirring! Check out the Facebook page to keep up with all the latest!!!


  1. Do not know how to do "Face Book"... just "Blog" a bit...
    Hope that you had a great Holiday weekend.....
    Sad to say that my Pumpkin plants are not going to make this year (Moth larvae borrowed through vines from near base... too extensive to fix now... in early stages you can use a sewing pin or needle to puncture about every 1/4 inch up the effected area... the vine will heal ,... the worms will not)... ( learned that from an old Farmer when I was young)...

  2. So sorry about your pumpkins!!! I've heard that moths can be a problem, so cool to know that you can fix it early on!!!!!! Don't worry about not being on Facebook, we will keep you updated here too, just not quite as often as Facebook!