Saturday, August 25, 2012

Are they making fun of us???

Bonjour to all you mortals out there (Faire la bise)!

I thought I would pop in and see what everyone is up to. We had a great time at home in the “other” world after last year’s night-o-fright! But it’s always good to get back to the Abbey and get our hands into the cauldron again! LOL!  Speaking of which, when Alice and I were scraping the debris out of the fireplace to make room for the cauldron three little rats came scurrying out. They were in black dresses and wearing pointy hats, I think they were imitating Elizabeth, Agnes and I, how rude!!! I grabbed Grimm’s camera and snapped a picture, what do you think, should we be insulted? 

Well, I’m gonna skedaddle for now, tonight is the annual cauldron lighting and a girls gotta look her worst ya know!

À bientôt, Pandora! <3

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