Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hi from the Fabulous Pandora!!!

Boy, am I really wigged out this morning! I woke up to find my best pumpkin had been vandalized by those awful pixies. I found this groovy love spell that you cast on a pumpkin pie and then offer it to the person you like. When they eat it, they fall madly in love with you. I worked all summer to grow a pumpkin to use in a pie, and wouldn’t you know it; those pixies made it into a new pad last night. Oh, how I hate those little hooligans!!! Now I will have to find another spell to give to Crow, this would be so much easier if he would just wake up to my awesomeness and fall in love with me on his own. I have to put a stop to those pixies some way, I know! I’m off to get a can of Raid!!! Where’s my broom!!! Catch you on the flip side!!!~ Pandora