Monday, August 15, 2011

Whassup from Pandora!!! :0P

Heeeelloooo out there in the Earthen realm!!! Pandora witch here. Elizabeth has been on my tushy all week to drop by the blog and check in with all you cats and kittens, so HERE I AM! Can’t stay long though, I found this groovy new love spell I’m gonna use on that dream boat man of mine. His name is Crow, he keeps those filthy little pixies from making OUR pumpkins into THEIR homes (the nerve!) Anyway, I cast the spell onto these candles and the moment he looks at them I just know he will fall head over heals for me, why wouldn’t he I’M FABULOUS!!! (I just hope he doesn’t get too close to the flame, he is made of straw you know). Anywho, I gotta split for now but I’ll let you know how the spell goes, toodle-loo ~ Pandora

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