Saturday, September 17, 2011

Just back from Greensburg Kansas...

Hey, Pandora witch here, just dropin' in to say “hola”!!!  We've had a groovy week of vacation and we are all rested and ready to dive into the home stretch of prep before our Halloween visit. While we were gone we went to visit friends in the Greensburg Kansas cemetery and had a smashing time. I noticed a human guy at a gravesite just crying his eyes out and saying over and over again “why did you die, oh, why did you have to die”. I felt so sorry for him, Agnes and I went over to try and help. I asked “was it your wife?” and he said no. “Was it a daughter or son” I continued. He only replied “no” each time I asked and continued sobbing and asking “why oh why?” I was so frustrated; finally I asked “well who was it for goodness sake”? Through his sobs he finally answered “It was none of those…it was my wife’s FIRST husband!” I just turned and walked away…Agnes turned him into a toad…A big shout out to everyone following our little blog from Greensburg, thanks so much and tell your friends about us!!! Talk to ya’ll later~Pandora

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