How it all started

We have always loved Halloween and have decorated for the occasion inside and out pretty much our entire lives. Halloweens at this house started in 2002 and focused mainly on a display in the large front window. In 2008 we built the three witch sisters and Halloween that year became “The Witching Hour”. Then in 2009 we learned how to make papier mache clay and use it to create props for the yard haunt. That was the year we made the first of the jack o lanterns and named the witches Elizabeth, Pandora, and Agnes. The following year Crow joined the little group and a fence and headstones were added to form the first of our cemetery. But it was 2011 that the cemetery grew into the rest of the yard, and our cast of characters became “Pumpkin Abbey”. Halloween has since become a year round project for us with October never leaving us enough time to finish before SHOW TIME on Halloween night. We plan to continue adding characters and props to the Abbey every year and hope we make Halloween night in Cooper Neighborhood as memorable for you as you do for us. We look forward to seeing you next time, and remember…

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