Pumpkin Abbey is located in the haunted town of Pumpkin Hallow and situated on the banks of Lake Pumpkin Puddle. The Abbey has been around for millennia and is the Earthly home of the Head witch of Halloween. Due to the constant exposure of magic for such a long period of time, the Abbey has taken on a life force (or poltergeist) of its own and is known to change shape and form at will, adding a room or changing a porch from Halloween to Halloween.

Elizabeth is the head witch at Pumpkin Abbey. The second to the oldest of the sisters, she inherited her position several hundred years ago when her mother abdicated and ran off to make cauldrons in Tasmania. She is very pleasant and level headed and loves to make Halloween as fun as possible for the little trick-or-treaters.

Pandora, the youngest, is very much a “free spirit” and loves practical jokes that usually end with a spell that backfires. She fell in love with crow many decades ago and spends most of her time trying to come up with a magic spell or potion to make him fall in love with her.

Agnes, the oldest sister, is very mean tempered and doesn’t like to be bothered with trivial affairs and mortals she feels are the most trivial of all. She doesn’t have much patience for Halloween and especially trick-or-treaters. On one frightful occasion she turned four little tikes into frogs. This led the continuum to skip Agnes when their mother left and give the head position to Elizabeth instead. 

Grimm is first cousin to the witches. His fulltime job is reaper of souls but his heart isn’t really into his work as he would much rather be a photographer for the Haunted Gazette Newspaper. He spends much of his time taking pictures and finds a great deal of inspiration right here at the Abbey.

Crow is a scarecrow the witches put together to scare off the pixies that have infested the Abbey pumpkin patch. After making him, they cast a spell on him that brought him to life. He has a very big heart and has developed a soft spot for the pixies and, consequently, gives them free reign in the pumpkin patch.  He has become best friends with a pixie named Stix that was injured by one of the witches. Because of this he avoids all advances by Pandora and has developed immunity to her many magical attempts at making him fall for her.